Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Very Cheery Indeed

I. Hate. Insurance. Companies. Just thought I'd get that off my chest straight away. Adam is adding me to his (somewhat expensive) company plan after nearly a year of being uninsured--don't get me started--and after much revised paperwork, tears, and sweat, we discovered that my doctor is not covered by the only plan for which I'm eligible. For the first time in my life I find a doctor that I actually like, and now I'm not allowed to go to her, well, unless I pay out of pocket of course. Very useful.

After this setback, I went to the store very pumped to get a coke zero, but started getting a headache along the way, and by the time I got back, I had a full-blown nausea-inducing migraine. Lovely. (FYI, I cannot consume any kind of fake sugar when I get even the slightest hint of a migraine, or else it will inflame it.) Got the coke zero anyway, but I'm being smart so it's sitting in the fridge and I'm drinking PG Tips instead and eating an apricot-jammed english muffin (yum) to help the nausea subside.

Drew seems to be getting worse in his separation anxiety with me even though we've really been working on it. He started shaking as soon as I said "you wanna go for a ride." Then when we got to the store, he hid down by the gas peddle in order to avoid going into his crate, which is supposed to HELP the anxiety. Adam took him last night, and he didn't even get up from the seat when he left (grr).

Also, I'm peeved because everytime I find a product I like, they change it. I went for bath products, and I couldn't find the kind I usually get. I hate buying new kinds because I rarely like them, so I ended up getting things I didn't go for, and not getting the stuff I needed. Sweet. Though the stuff I did get is very necessary (hair dye, waxing products, etc.).

Oh, and as soon as I started to back out of my parking spot here, a garbage man pulled up behind me and parked. I was totally blocked in! I honked three times before doing a 16-point turn and exiting through all the parking spots next to me (luckily no one was parked by me).

This is almost funny as I type it, but boy does it p*ss me off when it happens! ;) At least you can enjoy.

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Joseph said...

ay yi yi... I don't check your blog for months and now I have to play catch-up! anyway, that sucks. I'm pissed at insurance in general, too. I'm thinking of canceling my State Farm since they're bailing on their Gulf Coast clients.