Friday, November 03, 2006

Moving, condo pics, and writing

We had our condo walk-through today to make sure everything was completed, and it went surprisingly well considering all our "special" problems with Sierra Crest up to this point. There were only a few spots where paint needed a touch-up, and the door to the storage unit needed to be replaced, but they already noted that. So if all goes well at our title appointment on Monday, we should have keys to our place by Wednesday! GAH! I also came home to a ginormous packet from the title company that contains our escrow and loan documents. Ack, we have escrow documents, so scary. I was easily sobered by the sheer size of the packet though. To do list for this weekend:

Fill out escrow documents
Write 3334 words (when? tell me when?)

Sounds relaxing, doesn't it?

Well, instead of sending pictures of our condo to everyone, I'll post them here, and if you're cool enough to check my blog regularly, then you'll get to see them, if not, well you'll never know!

Clockwise. Above left: our living room; Above right: our bedroom; bottom: the dining room (the mirrored closet in the hall is our laundry room!); left: the kitchen.

On writing
My novel is going pretty well. I'm trying to keep up with the 1667 words I need to write a day for NaNoWriMo, but I'm failing miserably so far. =) I don't mind though because I am writing a lot, and I'm writing very productively, which is why I'm doing NaNoWriMo in the first place. I wanted inspiration, a goal, and let's be honest, a fire under my arse!

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Kristen said...

Angelina! I love your blog. You must update it soon. Sorry it's taken me so long to check it out, but now I'm hooked and expect updates, so get on it! (As if writing a novel wasn't enough work...) ;-)

Much Love,