Saturday, April 28, 2007

Exactly one year ago

...I was finishing my last day of work at my first "real" job. I have now been unemployed for a year! (*cue much panicking*) I didn't quit my job with the intention of writing full-time, though it sounds much cooler to me now. At the time I was hoping to pursue an MFA in creative writing. Alas, it was not to be. My "financial aid package" consisted entirely of loans, and I decided it was best not to get 30k+ in debt for a writing degree. Wise decision, I think. I took last summer off to enjoy being unemployed and to evaluate my next career step. In the meantime, I started research for the book I'm now writing, and I worked part-time doing freelance editing for a tech company. At the end of summer, I probably could have pursued freelance editing more fully since I had a few more opportunities, but I quickly discovered that editing technical documents was not how I wanted to spend my time. I was really enjoying the research for my book, so the husband encouraged me to write full-time until I either a) finished the book or b) decided I didn't want to write full-time anymore. Here I am one year later, writing full-time and loving it (most of the time). I've given up trying to plan every step of my life because each time I think I have things figured out I get sent a curveball. So any bets on where I'll be one year from now?


hellojed said...

Like they say, men plan and God laughs. Congratulations on making the brave decision to write part-time and sticking to it.

alfaking said...

Great, Angie, you made it. Otherwise "where there's a will there's a way" wouldn't stand.

I'm interested to know more; perhaps, we might look forward for an interview in my blog?

Angie said...

Hellojed, God has laughed very heartily at me many a time!
Alfaking, I'm flattered by your request. I see you want to interview experts on your blog, but an expert I am not! ;)

alfaking said...

Expert or not, it's meant for sharing experiences. So you're always welcome.
By the way the interview is up.