Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I feel knackered. I'm sure it's a trick of the mind knowing that I am actually tired for a reason, but I cannot get my energy up to normal levels today. I assumed what I'd been feeling for months--fatigue, mild depression/anxiety, recurring sore throat, dizziness--was related to my poor management of stress due to the major events of the past year: quitting my first big job, my sister's wedding, followed by my brother-in-law's death (literally the next day), getting a puppy to help the Husband cope, moving in order to get the puppy, buying our first house (by house I mean 1-bdrm condo) because rents climbed too high, and now writing full-time. Apparently these stressors didn't cause the problem. I'm sure they didn't help though and maybe they're the reason why my thyroid really started to kick the bucket when it did. Today is my first day of hormone replacement therapy. Technically my doctor wanted me to start yesterday but the pharmacist said to take the pill first thing in the morning 30 minutes before eating breakfast, and since Drew was sick all day yesterday (he vomited in the morning, then diahrrea all day long) I didn't make it to the pharmacy until late in the day. I don't expect to see results right away, but my prescription says my system should even out in 4-6 weeks. I'm hoping.

Yesterday I was supposed to get down to work on my next chapter (chapter two), but after my doctor called, I ended up googling hypothyroid, calling my husband, mom, best friends, etc etc. I really need to get some work done on the chapter today, but since I'm feeling a bit low, I think I'll camp out on the couch with my computer and a movie I've seen 100 times, which is less distracting, yet still comforting.

Also, I apologize for all the em-dashes and parentheses lately. I seem to be writing the way I think, so it all comes out in a haphazard manner.


hellojed said...

So sorry. You've been through the wars, haven't you? It really sounds like you need a break and to take it easy. I also find great comfort in rewatching films - I watched Point Break the other day when I was a bit blue. A classic! ;)

JJ said...

Oh god what a stressful set of events. All your symptoms are related to the thyroid, but you're right, it doesn't help when real life has been so difficult. Take care and have fun with the movie.

Jen said...

Oh, you poor duck...

Snuggle down, enjoy the film... sometimes life just takes control and forces you to rest. No point fighting it - just r-e-l-a-x.