Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ugh and sigh and oh bovver

I'm a bit short on creative blog material today after watching and reading updates on the senseless Virginia Tech shootings. Apparently the shooter was an English major, and as the husband kindly pointed out this morning, all English majors are nutters. Thanks, love. The news has already brought to light a very disturbing play he wrote for one of his classes. It will be interesting to see if we will learn why he took these actions, but then again even if they come to some sort of conclusion, I will never really understand. I still don't understand Columbine or the Thurston shooting in Oregon or any of the other shootings.

The other reason I am lacking creative material for the blog is that I've clamped down on my novel writing. For awhile I let myself go unchecked with no deadlines because I feared deadlines would cramp my ability to write, but indeed it seems to have worked the opposite effect and I cannot seem to finish anything. I have now set a due date for the (polished) first draft of the book, though I'm not silly enough to post it publicly, and I think it is more than doable, but at the same time I will definitely have to pick up my pace. I am also setting mini goals, such as I want to finish my current chapter by this Friday, so I am panicking a bit and trying to get down to business. Just a note to a certain reader (you know who you are): this does not mean the chapter will be ready for you to read this Friday, that date remains to be determined. Anyway, you will not be ready to read it as you will be driving halfway across the country to see me. (Hurrah!)

To lighten the dark mood and get a good laugh, check out these two great videos from Comic Relief :

Poor Daniel Craig.

Dr Who? In which David Tennant--who I only recently discovered through Struggling Author's blog, despite him starring as Barty Crouch Jr on Harry Potter 4 (with his creepy tongue-flicking actions)--plays a substitute English teacher with 'unbovvered' students. The Shakespeare speech alone is worth watching.


hellojed said...

Great news about getting cracking with the book, hope you meet your deadline and have the weekend to feel smug. (I always do!)

Joseph R. Ruthruff said...

Do I know this mystery reader?