Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Back in the Saddle...

Okay, stupid title, but I tire of coming up with titles and it seems to fit, cliche and all. I went to my new doctor today for the first time to get a general checkup, migraine med refill, etc. I hate going to the doctor, so I was nervous to start all over again with a new doctor, but she was actually quite fabulous and is a fellow migraine sufferer so she pays close attention to all the new research on migraines, which is great for me. I think I might even keep her around as my permanent doctor, but we'll see how this test year goes.
*Warning: Girly information ahead, if you have sensitive manly ears, I suggest you turn away now*
She decided to put me back on the pill. If I had started my blog a few years earlier, you would have seen many posts about my love-hate relationship with the pill and all the numerous ones I tried (4-5 off the top of my head in a matter of four years). Two years ago I finally gave up on the pill because it seemed to be a major factor in my migraines. HOWEVER, new research suggests that women get migraines when they have a dip in estrogen between ovulation and their period. Constant low-dose hormone therapy, or in my case the 3 month pill Seasonique ("sister" to Seasonale, but with estrogen during your placebo week to further elimate that hormone drop), helps to eliminate hormone-triggered migraines by skipping your period for three months (hurrah!). I will also have my current triptan medication to stop any migraines triggered by other factors (Splenda, watch out you evil evil sugar replacement with cute fuzzy fairy ads...). This should be very interesting. I'm hoping there are no "I have nausea every morning, but I'm not preggers I'm just on the pill" posts ahead. Yes, I am THAT sensitive.
Okay, I better buckle down on my chapter because I'm already halfway through the week, so my deadline is looming!

p.s. She also said no more caffeinated drinks in the evening (I SWEAR it does not affect my sleep!) and no reading in bed because the bed is for sex and sleep only. :( The husband will love that mandate.

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hellojed said...

Ah you poor thing. My best friend gets terrible migraines too and she's chasing a treatment at the moment. Best of luck.