Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Healthy Writing

I probably sounded a bit bitchy in my post yesterday. Sorry if I did, I meant it to be funny, but I'm not sure I pulled it off quite right.

I'm still struggling from some health problems without much improvement, which is really affecting my ability to write. I haven't been suffering from as much nausea the last few days, but I have been getting near daily migraines for about 1.5 weeks, and I'm getting rather tired of it to say the least. It's very hard to edit when you have a headache. Migraines affect your vision and the bright screen is uncomfortable to look at. I don't think my thyroid medication has fully kicked in either. It's been about 4 weeks and I'll need to re-test in a few more, so hopefully some changes will be made. My best friend is a doll though. She felt bad that I've been so under the weather, so yesterday she took me out to coffee and we had girly chat time. She also got me the sweetest gift bag full of pampering treats like girly spa stuff, a gossipy magazine, and most importantly chocolate covered strawberries (who knew?) and chocolate covered espresso beans (that ought to bring my energy level up). Sorry to be a such whiner. I've just been really discouraged because my novel is not making any progress and I'm itching to work on it, but I feel like I keep getting thwarted.


Jen said...

Hey, if you're feeling crappy then it doesn't matter if your novel isn't progressing. If you worked in a bank, or dug up roads, or was a trapeze artist, you wouldn't bat yourself up for failing to work when you're poorly. Give yourself a break!

Revel in your girlie treats, switch off and get back to the dreaded editing when you're all shiny and better.

(Ooh, don't I sound strict! Nurse Jenny cracks the whip!!)


JJ said...

Yup, I'm with Jen, Angie. Take a break. Migraines get worse with stress and anxiety so you're just not doing yourself any favours.

I was feeling poorly, and then I got tagged, and it got me writing again. Have you done it? If you haven't, do it now!


Helen said...

Hey, we all have tough times so you don't need to apologise for being a whiner, as you're not. Just honest. I didn't think you were being bitchy in your other post either. I was cheering when you put that chap in his place at the end. There are too many people like that who think they could write better than you, or know more about it that you. If they do, why aren't they writing?

Sorry you were feeling a bit rough hope you are feeling better now. That reminds me I haven't taken my vitamin supplement this morning. I had better go off and do that now.

alfaking said...

Agree with Jen and JJ. A break might help.

Migraines aren't easily understood and maybe they're not cured, just halted. For me the sweet things like your chocolate make it worse. I better rely on a nap.

I'll suggest a couple of sites which I hope might help you find out more about migraines and associated triggers:




And last but not least, your previous post was interesting, quite funny too. Your Mr Know-it-All is not an isolated kind of guy, I'm sure. The world wouldn't be complete without such people.

Angie said...

Thank you guys for your kind words, they really cheered me up! As you'll see, I took a few days break and I'm ready to get back to writing (and blogging) again.
Helen and Alfaking, I'm glad to hear my post amused you and that it wasn't bitchy. I guess I thought I was too hard on the guy, but you're right, if he knows so much he should write. :)