Friday, May 11, 2007

There was nothing exciting to post about earlier, but my day has grown infinitely more interesting (okay, a bit of exaggeration then). On my daily walk with Drew this afternoon, I was shouted at--I believe it was meant to be a cat-call--by a ghetto-arse boy who looked about 16 and was wearing a crooked cap while riding in the passenger seat of a minivan. I'm not entirely sure how I resisted the call. It appears the husband now has much younger competition. Perhaps though I am mistaken and he thought Drew was a sexy beast. As you can see, he is completely irresistable. Especially with his stick.

In other news, San Jose made Forbes' Most Overpriced Real Estate Markets List at number 10. No surprise there. But hurrah, we're still not as overpriced as our now outgrown neighbor, San Francisco, even if they remain immeasurably cooler. Take that! Unfortunately four of the cities I wouldn't mind living in are also on the list: San Diego (1); Washington (5); New York (7); and Boston (9), where we did live for a very short period of time, but left due to the high rent and lack of jobs. Of course the one city I would choose above all the others is the most expensive of all: London. Very depressing. I guess it's still San Jose for now...


revorad said...

Firstly, that is indeed a beautiful animal. Secondly, yes London is very expensive as I'm finding out, but honestly I don't want to leave anytime soon.

Most importantly though, thanks for maintaining such an interesting blog. I find your writing style very simple and clear. And I like the design of your site too - colours very easy on the eyes and layout devoid of clutter.

I have recently started writing short stories. I found the links on your blog very useful. Equally helpful are your thoughts on writing, especially those about playing around with tense and person. I have a hard time deciding that too, so I guess experimentation is the key.

Please do have a peek at my site - Your comments would be much appreciated.

And keep up the good work!


Angie said...

Thank you for you kind comment!