Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Neurotic and just a bit deranged...

It's now official that I have become completely neurotic! I am getting husband a new puppy -- a little sister for Drew, whom my sisters named Lucy before we even made the final decision. She's an an eight week old toy aussie, and husband's aunt offered her to us for free, which is a great price for these dogs. (We bought Drew from his aunt, who is a very good breeder.) I never thought I'd end up with two dogs, but surprise, in about a month we'll be bringing little Lucy home. I do think it will be good for Drew to have a playmate because he gets lonely while I'm writing, plus if I end up having to go back to work full time, which is very possible, we might have real problems with him. We've been leaving him home alone for months now and we've now left him for up to 6 hours, but he panics while we're gone and can get destructive. When we traveled to Oregon a few weeks ago, we left him at my mother-in-law's house with her two aussies and he was happy as can be. Short term it will be a pain for me because I'll have to potty train again and put her through dog training, but hopefully having a trained big brother will help.

Here's little Lucy:
Apparently she's quite the cuddler, which I will love!

Anyway, my blog seems to be turning into a dog blog these days, so I'll get back to the business of writing...I tried to hit the ground running yesterday, so to speak, but I really struggled with the section I'm working on. I don't think the language is up to par yet and I'm trying to decide how much editing is too much at this stage, but my instinct is always to edit, considering that is my work background. Plus I have a few pages to write before I finish the chapter and I'm struggling to write the pages knowing that the beginning isn't yet quite right. Does anyone else struggle with this?


hellojed said...

Hi Angie, Lucy is absolutely gorgeous! I have struggled when the beginning of a story or chapter is not quite right. I reckon if you are struggling now, it's best to edit before you continue, or it will keep driving you mad. Like you said, it's your background and you are a confident editor - so I reckon you should play to your strengths!

Angie said...

hellojed, thank you! I think you're right about the editing. I won't get any good writing done if I keep thinking about those nagging sections.