Monday, June 25, 2007

Long Delays

I am coming to terms with the fact that it will be nearly impossible for me to keep attempting to post a new blog update on every weekday during the summer with our busy schedule. I will return to normal service this week, but last week I wasn't able to post since my sisters were visiting. We had a lovely time, but I am moving slowly this morning trying to soak up the quiet time. I have three little sisters, and sister #2 came to visit two years ago for her senior trip. Sister #3 graduated this year and traveled down for her senior trip with sister #4. We had loads of fun, but I was having trouble keeping up with them (my energy levels are still low), and it was a bit tight with three sisters, the husband, and the dog in our one bedroom flat. I will probably be cleaning all week since it was impossible to keep the place tidy with all those bodies! (Yes, I do have a cleaning problem...)

The Highlights:

Sister #4 is a bookworm like me, so we spent some quality time browsing bookshops and I bought a cute little Paperchase notebook for my purse so I can write down ideas when I'm out of the house. I also bought two books on hypothyroidism and I'm finding them very helpful since I haven't gotten all the answers I want from my doctor. (I like to be proactive. Speaking of which, my medicine dosage was increased this week, so hopefully I'll begin to see a difference in the next few weeks.)

Sister #3 loves clothes and shoes like me, so we also spent some quality time browsing stores. I found an adorable wrap dress at H&M while we were shopping in the city, as well as a cute tanktop and half-sleeve hoodie in Marshalls, a fabulous discount store.

Last Saturday we went to the Highland Games, an annual event in Campbell that celebrates Scottish culture. I saw my first caber toss, which was fun. I don't know how those men throw that log, but it's cool to watch. Sister #4 is obsessed with swords as well, so she bought a cool curved sword at the games.

Over two days in San Francisco we enjoyed lunch in Little Italy (also known as North Beach), shopped in Union Square, drank coffee at the Coffee Bean, ate fabulous crepes (mine was nutella and banana - mmm!), and toured Alcatraz (I got a wind burn in the process). Oh and we walked up a giant hill between Union Square and Little Italy. My thighs were wobbly the rest of the day!

Santa Cruz is only a half-hour from here, so we spent a few hours Friday on the boardwalk enjoying the beautiful weather. Unfortunately for us, the forecast said it would be a bit chillier so we were melting in the sun! The boardwalk experience was interesting for me because I can get claustrophobic in large crowds and the tourists were out en masse. School ended a few weeks ago, so there were a lot of kids as well as a few groups of summer campers, so I felt more than a little overwhelmed by the sea of people. We ate ice cream on the boardwalk and the girls rode a water ride, and we marvelled at the disgustingness of a booth selling deep-fried twinkies. Can you imagine? Eurgh! Even though I am an American, I do get overwhelmed by the American touristy-ness of it all. I think we would have enjoyed Monterey more because it is a little less over the top.

All in all we had a great week, but I am eager to get back to my writing because I wasn't able to get anything done last week. This weekend two of my best friends are getting married, so I am working on a tight schedule.

Hope everyone had a great week!


hellojed said...

Wow, three sisters in a one bedroom flat, well done - I've only ever had two overnight visitors in this flat at once! Last year my bf and I drove up the west coast - we loved Monterey so much. Hope your medication kicks in soon.

alfaking said...

You guys seem to be enjoying quite a bit, although I can visualize all that mess with four sisters in a row. Poor Husband. (joking, ok?) And there's still to come with the forthcoming wedding.

Anyway, you can always catch up with your writing once your visitors are gone.

Have a nice time.

Angie said...

Just to clarify, there were three sisters including me. Sister #2 wasn't here this time, she was here two years ago. But two visitors for over a week is still very tight in this space!
hellojed, Monterey is lovely, isn't it?
Alfaking, poor husband is right! Three women in one tiny apartment...sheesh. I'm getting back to the writing now.