Friday, June 15, 2007


When I picked Drew up from the groomer yesterday, I could not stop giggling. I didn't get him shaved, but I asked for a really short cut for summer because he's been melting in the heat this week (over 90 degrees yesterday). I bet he lost a few pounds in hair weight and at least three inches off his coat:

Left: Drew last week in Oregon (playing with my sister's toy chihuahua)
Right: Yesterday after his haircut

Left: Drew with his little bow (can you believe how long his legs are?).
Right: A (sideways, hmph) pic of Drew before his haircut.

He did really well though. Apparently he pulled out the charm on everyone there because they were all gushing about him and when the groomer brought him out to me she said, "he may have some pink lipstick on his nose, but that'll come off easily." Ha! As we walked out of the store, everyone working there said goodbye to him. Sneaky little boy pulled out his big charm guns.
Sorry for all the pics of my dog, but they were too cute so I had to share. You'd never know from reading my blog, but I didn't used to be a dog person at all. I liked cats because they are self-sufficient (still do like them), but Drew has converted me to a gushingly proud owner. *blushes*

Well, enough dog talk. I need to hit the writing in earnest today since my sisters are coming to visit for a week-and-a-half, so my writing will be limited then. But I do have some party cooking to do as well as cleaning...Tuesday's party was pushed off until today, so I'll be cooking calzones in the baking summer heat today. Aren't you envious?


alfaking said...

Drew seems to be more than a kid to you. And when I realise how some people just abandon their own blood... in the gutters! Yeah, real life.

Anyway, have a nice time with your sis and the rest.

revorad said...

I love the pic on the extreme right. He looks so innocent, cool and cute.

hellojed said...

Drew is gorgeous! I can see why you want to show him off, he looks so sweet.

Angie said...

Alfaking, we got Drew after my brother-in-law passed away and named him in his honor. Having a puppy helped us deal with our grief, so I suppose he is more than just a dog to us.
Revorad and Hellojed, thanks! I think he's a handsome little dog myself. And he is so sweet. :)

hullaballoo said...

Awwww, Drew is lovely, such a wee cutie. But why did they put a red bow in on him when they knew he was a boy? Poor thing looks like he is a bit in shock in the top right picture.

We had two tiny long haired Yorkshire Terriers when I was growing up. Inspired by already having scalped my Sindy doll (not a therapy issue, honestly!) I used to give them seriously spikey haircuts myself. Well, i thought they were cool but the dogs were reluctant to be seen out with me in public for a few days afterwards lol.

Angie said...

Thanks hullaballoo. I think they have a limited number of bows and he got stuck with red. I think he hated the bow more than the cut itself. I was patronizing him a bit by leaving the bow on for pictures, but it was too funny. ;) He's enjoying the haircut now that summer is here and he's staying much cooler.