Saturday, July 07, 2007

Random observations

Have I mentioned that I can't seem to get enough peanut butter and jelly lately? PB&J sandwiches never topped my favorites list, possibly because my mom rarely made them when I was growing up, but now I want to eat pb&j every day! So very odd. And I'm not preggers, by the way.

We've been discussing Wimbledon a bit in the comments, so I can't help but mention that Federer's game never ceases to amaze me. He plays so elegantly and beautifully! He's also a very gracious winner. I'm enjoying a relaxing morning of tennis and coffee, but I may yet do some work today so it's not a completely worthless week. Husband has been working overtime for two weeks and is working this weekend to complete a big project, so I may as well work since we're not doing anything fun.

*Update: On the other hand, who wants to work on Saturday (besides husband of course - though wants is purely objectionable, he doesn't want to work today, he has to)?*


Graffiti said...

I watched the tennis last night. The womans final but didn't stay to the end (its on late here) as it seemed to be going the predictable way.

Broccili is lovely BTW. Just think green when you eat it.


hellojed said...

Watched the women's final too, I really enjoyed it. Love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, haven't had one in ages!

Angie said...

Hello graffiti, thanks for stopping by. I missed the women's final, which bummed be out - I can't figure out the Wimbledon schedule here, I just happen to catch it in the morning. I watched the men's today, which was fabulous.

NOOOO! I can't eat broccoli. Eurgh.

You should have one again, hellojed, though on second thought, you might find yourself hooked!