Saturday, September 01, 2007

Picture fun and Results

I finally uploaded my most recent pictures onto the computer, so I thought I'd share a few with you. It's been awhile since I've posted cute Drew pictures, and since we celebrated his first birthday at the beginning of August, there were definitely some adorable ones to share.

Do you think maybe we dote on him too much? Nah...

We also went to Monterey in July to celebrate a friend's 30th and it was a beautiful day.

We don't go to the beach enough.

All I could think about this week was food (damn calorie counting) and needing a change. But yesterday afternoon I was finally able to break through that fog, and I did some productive editing on chapter two. I think my whinge yesterday helped clear my head. Sometimes you just need to get those thoughts out there and know that people are listening. So thank you. (I still want to move back to Campbell though. :) I forced husband to walk with me to Santana Row last night, both for a bit of exercise, and for a rewarding latte. It's nice to be out milling amongst people, especially if you don't have to interact with them. (I'm a sad introvert and prefer big groups only when I get to observe them without interacting, otherwise I prefer small groups of close-knit friends and family.) Afterward I finished my chapter edit and was proud of myself, so I lounged on the sofa reading Eat, Pray, Love and sipping my latte. Bliss. Poor husband had to be at work at 6 am today--and on a holiday weekend!--so I got straight to work, not at 6 mind you, and did a final read-through of chapter two to make sure I didn't introduce any errors in my edit. I added a few sentences here and there and printed it out before lunch time. Chapters one and two are off to their first outside reading tomorrow. Yikes! Um, and HUZZAH!


hellojed said...

Great pictures! Fantastic to hear that you're in good form and good luck with the reading!

Rebecca said...

v cute pup!

and be brave on the outside reading. I hope the reader has lots of positive stuff to say.

JJ said...

Cute puppy, Angie, but why is he sideways?


Kristen said...

Drew is adorable. You are awesome. Those first few chapters are out there. True progress, kiddo! :-)

Angie said...

Thanks hellojed. Let's hope the good form lasts. I'm anxious to finally get outside perspective, so I'm excited about the reading, good or bad.

Rebecca, thanks. I'm trying to be brave, it's always scary to send your babies out into the world. But it'll be very helpful, and I know she'll have good insight.

JJ, um, I couldn't figure out how to load it vertically, but it was too cute to pass up, so now you see my online shortcomings. ;)

Kris, Thanks and thanks. Progress is good after months of snails-pace writing and editing.

Ang xx