Friday, August 31, 2007

No Change

Hello lovelies, sorry for the boringness around here, nothing much to say today or yesterday. I've been feeling a bit down. I think it's all those missing calories (did I mention I'm cutting calories to lose a few pounds?). Those extra calories must be the happy ones. Pah!
Actually, I think I just need a change. This is the longest I've lived anywhere since college--and even then I left for the summers--and I don't even love it. Before we bought our condo, we were living in a small town in the San Jose area called Campbell. I loved it so much more, but we couldn't have a dog at our apartment, and we couldn't find a condo in our price range that allowed dogs. We used to be 10 minutes walking distance from downtown Campbell, which is really cute, and literally across the street from a cute shopping area that has my favorite coffeeshop, Indian and Thai restaurants, a movie theater, and a bookstore. We're only a few miles away now, but driving there isn't the same, and none of the walks here are as pleasant. Technically we can walk to Santana Row, which is about a mile away, but the walk isn't as nice (really gross freeway underpass littered with dead birds and poo), and I don't like Santana as much, even though it's more exclusive. To be honest, I don't like it as much because it's more exclusive - everything costs more for less. And the people are snobs.
I need something different, but I know nothing can change for at least another year. Our contract stipulates that we can't sell until the one year mark (Nov), but if you sell before two years, you get charged a capital gains tax and then we won't make enough money on our place to make it worth it. All of this makes me feel more boxed in. If I know I have other options, it makes me more comfortable, even if I don't act on those options. And I like change, I need change in my life.

I'll leave you with Augustana, who express my feelings better than I can:


Kristen said...

I know how it feels to be stir-crazy, but don't forget that the grass is always greener... San Jose isn't so terrible. At least you have a group of friends here who love you very much, your own place to call home, a great husband, a cute puppy, and the freedom to write. Things could be worse! ;-)

hellojed said...

As you're aware, I totally know how you feel as I've been there! At least you are talking and thinking about it. I hope you are feeling better today...I always feel down after cutting calories. Damn food affecting my moods. :(

Rebecca said...

It's horrid feeling trapped - and, no, driving just isn't the same, is it?

But, you know, if you never face any adversity in life you won't have anything to write about! (I think? ...sounds good anyway)

But , truly, snob-watching should give you heaps of very fascinating writing material!

Angie said...

I'm feeling better today after getting this off my chest.

Kris, true, but the grass was greener in Campbell and I knew I liked it more and didn't want to move. Sometimes you have to do things you don't like to get where you want to be (as you know too well). I know I'm very lucky, but that doesn't always make life less difficult. I do appreciate husband and my friends a lot. :)

Thanks, hellojed. That traveling bug never leaves you, does it? Cutting calories sucks!

Rebecca, I prefer walking to driving any day. (Not exactly a typical American sentiment, I know, which makes me feel weird here.)

Very true. I've had so many strange experiences in life and I think it must be for the writing.

Snob-watching is our favorite activity at Santana (besides my obvious obsession with lattes). Since this is Silicon Valley, we especially get a kick out of the super nerdy guys with the 'augmented' girls. Picture: 5ft, 100lbs, and a double D with a bespectacled techy. Haha. Priceless. Or, um, not.