Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six Years

I have a tendency to use this blog to whine about things, so with the sixth anniversary of 9/11 in mind, I thought I would make a list of six things that have made me happy and thankful lately:

1. Going out in San Francisco - Saturday we celebrated a good friend's birthday by feasting on yummy authentic Italian food and going to a concert. A Fine Frenzy opened for Brandi Carlile at the Filmore, and it was amazing to watch two talented women sing their hearts out in that legendary musical place.

2. The local farmer's market - I used to live down the street from the market and would walk down nearly every Sunday, but since we moved I haven't gone. It was really nice to go over there again and browse the local stalls of fruit and veg and breads and everything tasty. One of the best things about living in California is that the farmer's market is year-round because the weather is so mild and there's always something growing locally.

3. Hobee's - A small local chain of restaurants offering really healthy and organic options, while also earning the award for the best breakfast.

4. Reading Marie Phillip's (of Struggling Author fame) very entertaining 'Gods Behaving Badly' - I enjoyed it not only for the wonderfully amusing story, but also because having read her blog and seeing how much time and effort she put into becoming a published writer, it gives me hope that I too can be published with enough patience, diligence, and (hopefully) talent.

5. Friends - I indulged in the company of friends in the city Saturday, at the farmer's market Sunday, and last night two girlfriends came over and we had a tapas-style celebration with Italian, Indian, and Indonesian food and wine in order to discuss our reading of 'Eat, Pray, Love.' In addition, a dear friend spent time to carefully read my chapters and give helpful comments for improving, while also emphasizing what is good already.

6. Target - Sometimes I hate going to this gigantic superstore because of its overwhelming size, but they really do have great prices and stylish clothes for less. I went a little crazy and bought five shirts! I decided I was spoiling myself for doing so well on the diet the last two weeks, but I also don't have many nice shirts--I tend to be a tanktop and cute hoodie kind of girl since I work at home--and I needed to remedy that.


Kristen said...

I'm grateful for many of those things as well. It's wonderful that you chose to commemorate this day by listing the people, places, and things that make you happy. It brightened my day just reading your list. Thanks. :-)

hellojed said...

A really positive way to mark the anniversary; I really enjoyed it. We are all thinking of you from across the pond today.

JJ said...

Hi Angie

First off, this is NOT a whiney blog. We all talk goods and bads: real life is full of both.

It was a lovely post for the day. Sometimes it's just the compiling of a list of things that makes us feel better.


Angie said...

Kris, glad it brightened your day.

Thanks, hellojed, those thoughts are much appreciated.

JJ, I'm glad to hear it doesn't come off as whiney. I'm a realist, but I feel like a pessimist around all the optimists. ;) I should compile 'happy' lists more often instead of 'to do' lists. Much more therapeutic!