Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bangkok Charades

Nothing much to say today. I'm stuck deep into research since I keep finding holes in my research for every new chapter I work on. I'm crafting a new opening scene for chapter three, which alleviates some 'show vs. tell' problems, and it seems to be working, which is exciting.

I'll leave you with a great naughty comic for the day, which JJ should especially love since she lives in Bangkok. Enjoy!


Rebecca said...

youch. that's quite awful, really.

JJ said...

Oh my god, Angie, I do love it. It reminded me of a story we heard the other day. There are 'all kinds' of bars here, as I'm sure you all know, but the book we were reading for book club told us about a bar a man could go in, and as he ordered his beer, the curtain open under the bar and service him in another way entirely! It left me wondering how long it takes to serve a pint of beer?

Lane said...

'Show v Tell'. Gets me all the time *sigh*

And double ouch:-)

Angie said...

Sorry Rebecca! It was too funny not to share.

JJ, your comment cracked me up! You hear rumors of these places in Bangkok, but oh deary me! You reckon they serve with a quick pull or long? *snickers* Sorry, had to say it...

Lane, It's a pain, isn't it? The 'show vs tell' I mean, though the pic looks painful too. ;)