Monday, October 01, 2007


My posts have been lagging the past week, and I haven't been diligently visiting my writing blog friends, but I seem to have more new visitors lately and the only thing that seems to account for it is my recent add over at Author's Blogs. *waves hello to the new people* I hope you enjoy the blog. I'd like to pretend I have something profound to say about the writing experience, but this blog is really just my rants about writing, musings on life, and occasional (or sometimes frequent) discussion of migraines and thyroid issues. But I hope you find it funny and enjoy the read. Speaking of migraines, which I speak of too much, they are the main reason for my disappearance of late, along with husband's flu-like illness.

A recent new visitor to the blog mentioned that he was embarking on a collaborative writing venture with some friends, and I said I would give them a shout-out here. If anyone is interested in writing a chapter for this collaborative story about the end of the world, do visit their website at End of This World. Best of luck to you!

Today I had an enjoyable lunch with old work colleagues, and then I spent a few hours at the library looking for more research books. I found five good books, but they only let me take home three, so the other two are on hold for now. As I've been working on chapter three, I've found that I still have a lot of holes in my research. I'm trying to work to incorporate it into my day: writing in the morning, and when I stall, research in the afternoon. As usual, we'll see how well I keep to the plan.


John Soanes said...

Relate all too well to the disruption migraines can bring - and at the risk of sounding snooty, I do find it irksome when people use 'migraine' as a synonym for 'bad headache', as the two things are so very different, aren't they? Nausea, aura, numb face and hands, an inability to speak properly, as well as the actual pain in the head is quite, quite different from a 'straightforward' headache, I'd say!
I seem to recall some research recently suggesting that migraines were brought on by a slight fault in the heart valves leading to a build-up of chemicals which, when they eventually passed through the system into the brain, brought on the symptoms. Not sure if this has been further verified, though on an anecdotal level I can confirm that my father's migraines stopped after he had heart surgery several years ago…
Anyway, I sympathise!

hellojed said...

Migraines are so debilitating, I really feel for you. Hope your husband gets well soon.

Rebecca said...

go chapter three!! (you'll get there)

Onwards and upwards!

Angie said...

John, don't worry, I know exactly what you mean. I'm blessed with tension headaches too--must be my relaxed personality--which suck, but they're much more manageable than a migraine. I am lucky to not suffer aura with my migraines, though I've had it a handful of times and it was weird. The nausea is killer though. :(
That is interesting research. I do hope they learn more about migraines soon.

Hellojed, thanks so much. Husband is on the mend too.

Rebecca, thanks for the encouragement. It's going to be a slow uphill battle, but I'll get there at some point.