Tuesday, October 30, 2007

California Living

I had a whole post planned for this evening, however while we were at dinner celebrating a friend's birthday, we experienced our first earthquake! We've been living in the bay area for four years, but there have only been small earthquakes, and they've all been too far away for us to feel. This quake hit about 10 miles from our home and was a 5.6 magnitude. Not bad. Actually it was just right. If it would have been bigger it would have gotten really scary, but as it was, we felt the ground shaking and rolling, but nothing worse. The lamps were swaying, but nothing crashed to the ground. I had the biggest adrenaline rush though, worrying that it would get worse. I didn't really know what to do if it did. The funniest part was after the earthquake. There were about 10 of us at dinner, and most were from California and had experienced earthquakes before, so they immediately started taking bets on the magnitude. They were pretty close too, most guessed it was around 5.0. As soon as the shaking stopped, business went on as usual in the restaurant too. I did feel bad for poor Drew who was home alone. When we came home he was a bit more agitated than usual. Anyway, it was about two hours ago, so I'm still on a small high. Everything is fine though, so don't worry.


Lane said...

lordy lordy, I can't even begin to imagine what that must feel like!
Well done for staying so calm:-)

JJ said...

Oh good gracious me (that's an English person playing it down - stiff upper lip and all that!) OHMYGOD Angie. OMG. Well, if it's any consolation Husband tells the first is always the worst - and he's a scientist - so ... he also makes stuff up to stop me worrying, so who knows?

Alix said...

Gosh, that is scary, I doubt I would have been so calm! The only earthquake I have experienced was more of a tremor and I thought it was road workers drilling!

Angie said...

Lane, it was scary, but since I was out with friends--friends who've been through worse earthquakes--I was a little less terrified. And there was no real damage.

JJ, hehe. The first probably is the worst because you don't know what's going to happen. Although if the second is bigger, I reckon it'll be worse! ;)

Alix, I think I would've been more scared at home where I have lots of bookcases and things that could topple. Luckily nothing did. It was weird feeling the ground roll beneath my feet though. Very weird!

Rebecca said...

Scary. I lived in Japan in my twenties in a town where they had smallish (about 3-4 magnitude) earthquakes every couple of weeks. I HATED them. Yikes. i never want to live in an earthquake -prone place again!