Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloweiner Dog

We carved our pumpkins Monday night, and here is the result. Mine is the one on the far right of the lineup. The close-up with it lit is to the right. Gar, matey!I also dressed Drew up in his Halloween 'costume'. Really it's just a shirt that says "Will beg for treats." Somehow, I got the impression he didn't like it. He'll have to suffer one more night of it tonight.

The mulled wine turned out yummy and the roasted pumpkin seeds are delish.

Today I have a date with the coffeeshop. I've decided to go to a coffeeshop once a week in order to get out of the flat and to get a change of scenery. Plus, lattes taste so much more lovely when you don't make them yourself.

Words written yesterday: 493
Words written today: 1210

Earthquake update:
Today I woke up feeling more anxiety about the earthquake last night. I woke up and realized I have two candleholders and a big picture right over my head that could've fallen in a worse quake. There were a lot of aftershocks last night, but we didn't feel any of them, but today hubby called me while I was working at the coffeeshop because he had just felt a pretty big aftershock, which turned out to be 3.7. I didn't feel it, but according to this news article, an aftershock of that magnitude could mean that the earthquakes aren't over. The Hayward fault, which lies parallel to the fault that caused the earthquake yesterday, is due for 'the next big one'. *shudders* Trying not to think about it anymore...


Lane said...

Your carving skills are mightily impressive!
Drew is adorable. I hope he was well rewarded for his efforts:-)
Keeping it all crossed that there are no more shakes!
Well done on the word count and have fun in the coffee shop:-)

JJ said...

Oh Drew looks gorgeous. I love his shirt.

OMG (again) about the quakes. I hope it's the end of them: fingers crossed.

It's a sad fact of life that everything tastes better when you haven't made it yourself!


Angie said...

Lane, I'll tell you a secret, I used one of those pumpkin-carving stencils books. Shh, don't tell!
Thanks, Drew doesn't lack for spoils. :)
Keep 'em crossed!
I am proud of myself, and the coffeeshop was delightful.

JJ, the shirt was fun.
I hope so too!
It's so true. I don't know why, I guess because you don't have to work for it if someone else makes it.