Monday, November 19, 2007

Kindle reading

Amazon just released a new electronic book reader:

I am in two minds about this. There have been a few other electronic readers released and none caught my eye, but the capabilities of this one surprised me. Wireless access to purchase books within one minute, with no wireless charges; access to newspapers, blogs, wikipedia, etc. The display is supposed to look like paper, which is cool, because the idea of reading a whole book on a shiny screen makes my eyes hurt. However, I've never been a fan of the e-book idea. I like physical books. I like the smell of the paper and the feel of the object in my hands. I like having shelves and shelves of books. I'm old-fashioned in that way, even though I love a lot of technology. I can't imagine not having a cell phone and my macbook with wireless internet access, yet e-books have always made me shudder. I haven't changed my mind entirely, but this does seem like the most interesting product on the market. It certainly would be useful on a trip when you finish your book, though the initial investment would be painful - you could buy so many books with that money.

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Alix said...

Much as I love technology - ah the Ipod touch. I don't think I'd like this, as you said there is something about the feel and smell of books.

Lane said...

Like you say at 200 quid that's alot of books:-)

I'm sure there's a place for it somewhere but I'd miss the fondling and sniffing of a real book (oe-er sounding a bit odd now)

Kristen said...

Mind you, it took me until 2002 to get a cell phone. Ask me again how I feel about electronic books in, oh, I don't know, say about the year 2050.

Angie said...

Alix, I know just what you mean.

Lane, that's loads of books. Ha ha, I'm the same, no worries.

Kristen, 2002, eh? I think I have you beat with 2004. ha! oh. But by 2050 we'll need the large print variety! ;)

Rebecca said...

I have an ebook out and I STILL much prefer the real thing.