Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Housing Fantasies

Since I no longer allow myself to look for jobs online, I developed another bad habit: searching for houses online. *sigh*
The prices in the bay area are still far too prohibitive for us to afford a 'real' house, but that certainly doesn't stop me from looking.
I also tend to search in cities where we could live in the future, even if it's only the slightest possibility.
I found my perfect house today. In a city hundreds of miles away. *sob* It costs less than our silly one-bedroom condo, has no homeowner fees, AND it has a lot of character and charm (i.e., it's not a track home that was built in the recent housing boom). It's even brick, which can be fairly difficult to come by in the US, and it's a beautiful 1920s cottage.
I think I'll go mope in peace. Or do what I should be doing, which is writing. *dramatic sigh*

Oh no, I just found another one that has a library(!), fairytale staircase(!!), and I kid you not, a white picket fence! (I know, know, off I go...)


Kristen said...

Where are you searching for houses, missy?!? You can't leave until Joey and I know where we're ending up. I want to be able to grab lattes with you on a whim and watch Bridget Jones endlessly while nibbling scones and sipping tea!

Angie said...

Ptown...don't worry, I'll find you one next to ours. ;)
That sounds excellent to me! Hurry up already. haha.

Alix said...

We were playing this game at the weekend, what would are ideal house look like.
You have just added a new item for me a library - I would so love that. the staircase sounds cool too.

Angie said...

Alix, it's such a fun game, but can be depressing too! The library is a must. Preferably with those rolling ladders. (I always wanted the library from Beauty and the Beast when I was little. Ha!)

JJ said...

Oh Angie, I am so with you on that. I've been doing it from Bangkok for when we move back. I've no idea when that'll be, or where we'll move to, but I still go house hunting... Often, I find I've mentally moved already and then get devastated it isn't going to happen.
PS I call it 'fantasy planning'

Kristen said...

Ooh, Ptown. I'm in! And I'm hurrying, I'm hurrying. Trust me--we need to get the heck out of Dodge. I couldn't endure another winter here...

Yvonne said...

That's the only downside to my apartment - no seperate office or library! No fair!

Angie said...

JJ, 'fantasy planning' is it exactly! I do the same thing - mentally move and then become devastated when it doesn't happen. Why do we do that to ourselves?

Kristen, no more Dodge for you, instead plenty of Powell's time and coffee and a cute little house near us! :)

Yvonne, same problem here. My books have overtaken the living room and bedroom, and my 'office' is the dining room. I'd give a lot for a second bedroom, let alone a library!

Lane said...

oo a white pickett fence. Can you imagine? *sigh*