Monday, January 28, 2008

The Write Stuff

I had the most unproductive weekend ever, and it was fabulous. I planned on cleaning, and grocery shopping, and doing laundry, and catching up on my word count. But. I didn't do any of it. (Shh.) Probably not best, but it felt great to be lazy. There's always another day for work. I guess every once in awhile laziness is good. Today I'll have to work extra hard, but that's what Mondays are for, right?

This afternoon I'm off to the library for some serious writing time, interspersed with a latte-fueled writing session to keep it interesting.

But first, in the news...

I just watched a story about foreclosures in the U.S. A city in California's central valley takes the not-so-lucrative title of foreclosure capital of the nation. In Stockton, CA--about 80 miles north of San Jose and 80 miles east of San Francisco--apparently 2 out of every 3 houses on the market is set for foreclosure. Unbelievable.

More unbelievable? Rumors that New Kids on the Block are planning a comeback. Do they got the right stuff?


Alix said...

Lazyness is always recommended over here :)
Gosh New Kids on the Block, Take that was bad enough now I feel really old!

JJ said...

Laziness once in a while is lovely, but it MUST NOT be accompanied by guilt - which mine so often is. Yours doesn't sound as though it was though which is very clever of you.

Angie said...

Alix, it would make me feel old too, and they're not exactly young either! I've had that song stuck in my head ever since I posted. Grr.

JJ, I only sound guilt-free in retrospect. Unfortunately I spent half my time fretting that I *should* be doing something rather than enjoying it all. I must figure out the clever way of actually enjoying the laziness. :)

Helen said...

NKOTB are you serious! I LOVED them (secretly) - p.s don't tell anyone.

Lane said...

NKOTB?? I'll have to dig deep to remember them!

And I refuse to call it lazy now. I am merely 'recharging':-)hmqcbfp

Kristen said...

I agree--it's not laziness. It's simply replenshing your energy resources so that you can be more productive in the long term.

Not NKOTB! Ugh, didn't even like them the first time around! Now, N*Sync, there's a band I can get behind. I was always more of a J.C. than Justin Timberlake girl. Sigh. Those were the days...

alfaking said...

My laziness day is Saturday when I wake up late; no work, no market, no visits.

Angie said...

Helen, very very serious, cross my heart! Your secret is safe with me. :)

Lane, dig back about 14 years when they retired.
Recharging is a much better word! (I better stop recharging now though... ;)

Kris, I guess I should just check in will all of you next time I'm feeling lazy - that way I won't feel guilty for replenishing my energy!
Hmm, I never was an N'Sync girl, but I did like Justin's solo work. Ah well.

Alfaking, that sounds like the perfect day! Normally I like a lazy Saturday too, but if I don't finish my work during the week, it tends to overlap.