Sunday, January 27, 2008

Six quirky things meme

JJ of Tea Stains has tagged me with the six quirky things meme. I have been feeling a bit dry--of inspiration, it's quite soggy outside--so hopefully this will get me back into the spirit.

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1. I cannot watch scary movies. Once in high school I stupidly went along with friends to watch Scream, and I was so freaked out I drove through every stop sign on my way home and couldn't sleep for weeks because I kept hearing noises in the dark. If I even see a hint of The Silence of the Lambs on TV, I make husband change the channel or I leave the room.

2. I am also scared of the dark. (How old am I?) Okay, it's not the dark, per se, that scares me, but what might be hiding in the dark. I have an overactive imagination--which might be handy for writing--but not when I'm alone at night.

3. I am cold all the time. Regardless of whether I'm in Bend and it's below freezing, or I'm here and it's 50 degrees, I constantly shiver. However. Because my thyroid has been a bit wonky lately, I began taking my daily temperature to establish my average. It's 97.4, which is 1.2 degrees below average! No one is ever allowed to tease me for being cold again. (Right?)

4. As JJ mentioned in her blog a few days ago, I am also addicted to PG Tips tea. It's not readily available in the stores here, so I hoard boxes whenever I find them. I have been known to panic when using the last teabag, and I have also ridiculously overpaid in order to get my fix.

5. I trained Drew to give me hugs. I give him treats so he thinks it's a trick just so I can get lots of sweet doggy hugs throughout the day.

6. My most favoritist color in the whole world is blue (followed very closely by yellow, which was my obsession in college and slightly overtook blue for a few years). My closet is full of blues (and yellows), and I didn't like pink until a few years ago. I wasn't very girly growing up, unless you count the fear of spiders and scary movies.

Six tags...Caroline, Hullaballoo, Jen, Alix, Rebecca, Cathy...only if you want to, but feel free to ignore.


Alix said...

Very interesting especially as I agree with you on the first 4 points!! Glad I'm not the only person who didn't think Scream was funny but had heart failure every time the phone rang!

JJ said...


Fab answers.

I am so always cold aswell. Even in Thailand ... well in the air con anyway.


Lane said...

Another shivery bod here too!

Great answers and I'm so with you on the scary movies:-)

Joseph R. Ruthruff said...

I remember a great controversy from five years ago. There was an online trivia application where Angie created 10 trivia questions about herself. The Husband was only 5/10 (tied for the lowest score, btw). But he was very cranky about getting one question wrong about Angie's favorite color. He insisted that her favorite was yellow. She said she's definitely had yellow phases but overall it has always been blue. The Husband was quite put off, but we laughed at him anyway.

Kristen said...

Cool post. Guess you would have hated partnering with me on my thesis on "The Role of Women in Psychological Thrillers," huh? ;-)

Kristen said...

P.S. Who is that nerd in the Google shirt who commented above me?

Angie said...

Looks like we have some things in common, Alix! Good thing the tea nips at the cold, huh? Serial killer movies are the worst for me. *shudders* My scary-movie-loving friends thought it was funny too, but I'm with you!

JJ, I would probably be cold in Thailand too. Or too hot. There is no in between for me. :)

Lane, maybe it's a writer girl thing? We're always cold and can't watch scary movies. Hmm...

JRR, yes, husband didn't fare too well. I did use yellow as a wedding color, which may have confused the poor guy. ;) I believe there was also a debate over my favorite spot - I named Hampstead Heath, he said Big Ben, but Benny is a monument, not a place! (Nice shirt, btw. ;)

Kristen, um, that would be a yes. Although certain movies don't scare's the random killings I can't take.