Wednesday, February 06, 2008

250th post...Going Places


(omg omg omg omg omg)


I have exciting news.

Okay, I'll start from the beginning. In October, when I created my new writing plan with a deadline to finish in April, I was worrying a lot about a few chapters, because they are located in places I've never been. I know, "write what you know," but if I did that, I would have a very boring book, or possible a book that exposed things I'd prefer not to be exposed! I once read a quote by a writer (blanking on who, possibly Jodi Piccoult?) who said that you should write what you are willing to learn, which I much prefer. I like learning new things while I write. I find it much more interesting and fulfilling. Anyway. Unfortunately, the places I need to see are in Europe. And I am in California. So. Husband gave me an incentive to finish my book on time. He said if I finish this draft in April, he would send me to Europe to do my research!

Over the past month, we've been discussing this trip more. I'm a little ahead of schedule, and let's face it, Europe is cheaper in the spring than in the summer. Husband has always wanted to go to Germany, so we were going to try to incorporate our vacation this year with the research trip. But. The planning became too difficult. We would not be able to visit all the research spots I need to see, and visit everything he wants to see while staying within our budget and his allotted vacation days. So. I started scouring fares and crunching numbers and came up with a plan B.

I am going on the trip alone. And. We are going to the Caribbean for his vacation! As crazy as it sounds, it ended up being the same price, if not cheaper, for me to do a bare-bones backpacker-style trip to Europe alone and add a week in the Caribbean. He can only travel in April, but one roundtrip ticket to Europe in April costs the same amount as a multi-city ticket to Europe in March (I need to visit both Munich and Prague). As a couple, we wanted to at least have our own room with a private bathroom, but alone I can stay in cheaper hostels. Incidentally, Husband is over the moon because when we went on our last trip in 2006, I promised that the next trip would be tropical and relaxing because that's what he really wants. (I tend to not relax on vacation. I make sure we see everything possible in our allotted time, so he always comes home feeling worn out. We have not had a relaxing vacation since our honeymoon 6.5 years ago.) He was willing to do the Germany trip now so I could do my research, but he's thrilled to push it off for another two years so he can save up enough vacation time to go for two weeks so we can see more sights outside Munich.

So, I am going to Europe alone to research for my book. OMG! Then in April, when I should almost be done with my book (crossing fingers and toes!), I am going to lie on a beach with my hubby, who deserves a vacation so so much for all the overtime he works. I am so excited, and also a little scared, and feeling slightly guilty, and it took me hours to fall asleep last night after I booked the tickets...

And *breathe*

(omg omg omg omg)


Yvonne said...

That is so EXCITING!!! I'd love to be going backpacking now, so jealous. I also can never sleep after booking holidays, and your one is going to be so brilliant...Munich and Prague are both so beautful, I fell in love with them as soon as I set foot there. Are you just visiting those cities or are you going to Ireland too by any chance? I hope so.

Ooh and congratulations on being ahead of schedule!!!

Angie said...

Yvonne, I wish I could go to Ireland too (and London for that matter), but it will only be Munich and Prague. We did visit Prague two years ago, and I loved it, but we didn't have time to see Terezin, which plays a major role in my I'm making the sidetrip.
I was realizing that staying in a hostel will be weird now since most of the people will be years younger than me!
And thank you, I'm very excited about my writing progress.

JJ said...

Oh god, Angie that's so wonderful. What a lovely husband, and what an exciting plan. I haven't been to Prague (I would so love to) or infact Munich, but I've been to other places in Germany. And then the Caribbean? OMG; fantastic.

Lane said...

Angie, that's BRILLIANT news. You must be so excited!

Am thrilled for you and so looking forward to hearing all about your trip after April.

What are you planning on seeing in Munich?

Alix said...

How exciting! It sounds brilliant, I've never been to Germany, what are you going to look at there? Then a beach holiday too! should be just the rest you need at that point.
Enjoy and well done being ahead of schedule :)

Kristen said...


Congrats, sweetie. Very much deserved.

Chris said...

Hey, last time I saw this blog it was just about a marathon and a road trip or something. Wow! Do enjoy the trip to Deutschland. Charles bridge in Prague is a must. I seem to remember a really interesting cemetery too. You should be able to rent a bicycle for a day cheaply in Munich -- good after you get your bearings. And if you take hardware with you, bring a usb drive or two for backups! Cheers.

Angie said...

JJ, yes husband is so lovely, I think I better keep him around awhile. ;) I am so excited for all of it.

Lane, I'm over the moon and deep into planning mode now.
The main thing I want to see is actually Dachau, but I plan to make a stop outside the city in Wolfratshausen as well, a town that features in my story. This will be a tourist-lite trip, but I will of course explore the old town and Hofbraushaus, etc.

Alix, the beach will be a wonderful rest after the next two months, especially since I'm hoping to finish my first draft around that time, but I can't complain about the busyness because it's the best kind!
(See Germany schedule above.)

Kris, do you think you'll fit in my carry-on? Thanks, sweetie!

Chris, do you happen to be the very same Chris who gave me computer advice in my past life at SUP? If so, I hear congratulations are in order for you and S. :)
Yes, the blog has evolved a bit...
I've heard Munich is good for biking, thanks for the tips!

Chris said...

Yep, c'est moi. Slowly getting enough sleep to function. Have a safe and fun trip! Hi to the hubb.

Caroline said...

Fantastic news! It'll make the whole writing thing so very real and I love novels that have a clear/accurate sense of place.

Angie said...

Chris, the hub says hi back. (Tell S hi for us.)
Hope she sleeps through the night soon!

Caroline, I agree about sense of place in writing - it always makes the story more striking for me too. It sounds like your research trip went fantastically well.