Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super T!

Unfortunately my PG Tips hasn't been enhanced, but it is Super Tuesday. People across the country are voting, including the peops of my resident state, California. Truthfully though, Super Tuesday made me tired. It's exciting to watch the results, and I'm thankful I have the chance to vote, but they've been building up to this election for over a year and the endless campaign ads annoy me. And we still have to wait 9 months for the regular election. Plus, I just spent hours reading the legalese for the measures on the ballot and came out more confused than when I started. But. I hope everyone living in the (super!) states votes today.

Now I must untangle my brain from all that legalese reading and get cracking on my words. (Better late than never....I did finish chapter 10 yesterday. Result.)


Yvonne said...

Congratulations on finishing Chapter 10, you are really tearing along! Can imagine that you're sick to the back teeth with the electioneering - the ads alone must have you round the bend.

SpiralSkies said...

I actually studied Politics at night school (how sad am I?!) and the main thing I learnt was that it was best not to encourage any of them really.

Sounds like the writing's going really well - brilliant!

Alix said...

This election does feel like it has been going on forever!
Well done on Chapter 10 - that's great!

Kristen said...

You think you're sick of it? You know who I'm living with, right? It was non-stop election coverage at our apartment last night. I was about ready to chuck the TV out the window by 9:00.

On a brighter note, Happy Belated Done-with-Chapter-10 Day! ;-) Keep it up! Proud of you.

Helen said...

I have seen a few ads over here last night on the TV and to be honest I don't know how you put up with them. Do people actually sit through the ads? I know when party political broadcasts come on over here (rarely) I switch off. And I like politics (well I like The West Wing!)

Angie said...

Yvonne, thanks, I'm proud of my progress over the past few months. I've improved so much since I began this new writing plan.
I am so sick of the ads and electioneering!

SpiralJen, politics *can* be interesting, but the darn politicians get involved...;)
It is going well, thanks.

Alix, it's dragging on!
Thanks. :)

Kristen, I do feel *so* sorry for you. Husband tried to watch non-stop coverage, but I changed the channel. ;)
Cheers and thanks!

Helen, people probably mostly ignore them, but they're always on, so it's difficult!
I like politics a little too. I was excited last night to hear that all across the bay area polling stations were running short of ballots because so many people turned out to vote. The numbers are usually so low, but this is the most exciting election we've had in a long time. (Though we have 9 months of ads to endure still!)