Friday, February 01, 2008

"Hi my name is Angie..."

I spent the first half of the morning researching our current phone and internet services and comparing them to the services I (accidentally) signed up for yesterday. Then I spent the second half on the phone with various customer service reps (after s.l.o.w.l.y t.a.l.k.i.n.g my way through the many automated options) before finally sorting out that mess.

I am so proud of myself that I think I shall treat myself to a yummy latte. (You must understand how very much I loathe talking on the phone. [Not to my dear friends, of course.] I will do almost anything to avoid it, which stems in part from my lovely mom handling all the difficult business for me when I was young--and also maybe the days on end I spent gabbing when I was in junior high...).

In case you're interested (and you must be or you would have stopped reading by now!), I went with the new service after all. Part of the reason I let the salesman talk me into signing up in the first place--besides my weak resolve--was the fact that husband and I had discussed looking into new services because t'internet 'round here can be a bit testy, such as when the microwave is on, or the phone rings, or you know, you just make it angry. (Shh, we don't want it to hear and shut me down for insolence...) Hopefully the new service will route any panic-inducing moments when the internet shuts down. ("Hi, my name is Angie and I'm an internetaholic.")


alfaking said...

Once you sign up, it's finished. It's a commitment of interest and the salesmen know it very well. That's why they hit at the very first moment they feel you are knocked down.
Trying to cancel the package afterwards gives you a whole lot of trouble than you better give up, most of the time. This is a deliberate marketing/selling strategy to hook those who are not sure whether to decide or not to sign.

Alix said...

Oh well done. I hate the phone too, I tend to forget my phone number, post code etc when doing this like that - no idea why I freak out.
Hope the new internet is good and stays online.
Have a good weekend.

Hullaballoo said...

What a bore to set up a new internet package. In a few weeks, hopefully you will have forgotten all the effort it took and just be enjoying the service. I hate it when my internet is down. I get all twitchy and head for the nearest library. Perhaps that makes me an internetaholic too. If so, I guess I am in good company.


Lane said...

Well done for being so good on the phone. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a complete phobia of the damn things.
You earnt that latte:-)

Kristen said...

I just returned from an Internet-less weekend and it was pure torture. Hi my name is Kristen...

Angie said...

Alfaking, very true. Normally I am not such a sucker, but I was interested. At least it's over now, and hopefully it will be worth it when the new internet arrives!

Alix, I do too, and I can never understand why. Can't wait to try out the new arrives next week.

Hullaballoo, it was no fun, but the service should be worth it. You are indeed in good company! (I think most bloggers may be slightly addicted. ;)

Lane, phones are awful, especially when dealing with customer service! Perhaps I'll have another latte for a reward (!?).

Kristen, I would be twitching! Can't wait to hear more about the relaxing technology-free weekend!