Sunday, February 03, 2008

Apple always chooses the coolest songs to advertise iTunes and its new products, such as the commercial promoting the new Macbook Air with Yael Naim's song "New Soul".

I like the lyrics, but the video is equally fetching:


Kristen said...

Ooh, I love that song! Thanks for the heads-up on who it is. :-)

JJ said...

There's an award for you over at mine.

Alix said...

Oh yes Apple use great songs, the Deist one was one of my favourites but this is cute too and I like the video - thanks for sharing it.

Leigh said...

That is so weird. I kept expecting her to pull a MacBook Pro out of one of those boxes!

SpiralSkies said...

Ooh, she's fab... am going to find her on iTunes now!

Angie said...

Kristen, I love it too, especially the quirky video!

JJ, thank you so much! Am proudly displaying it now. :)

Alix, one of my old faves was Jet, but I always seem to like their choices.

Leigh, thanks for stopping by. It does seem like she should be unpacking a mac!

SpiralJen, yay, glad you like her. (I need to download it soon instead of listening to it on my page. ;)