Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Guns N Roses and Easter on 28th

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. Husband's mom came down for a visit, so we took Drew and her two little Aussies for a long walk down to Campbell where we enjoyed brunch outside in the sunshine. We then spent Saturday evening with friends at the pub celebrating Husband's 28th birthday. It felt more like a 21er when Husband disappeared for a good 20 minutes because he drank too many free beers, meanwhile we were entertained by a friend karoaking "Sweet Child of Mine" in full shouty form ("Where do we GO-OH, where do we go now..."). He also performed a moving Neil Diamond rendition.

Yesterday was his actual birthday, so we had a little celebratory curry, and then, because he gains full control of the remote on his birthday, we watched a few tivoed hours of tennis--the Pacific Life Open--with a friend. While we were watching, there was a great 'Janet Jackson' moment. The camera panned the crowd and stopped on a woman who was watching the match in a bikini top when she was surprised by a hand that reached from the side of the viewing frame and grasped her breast. A perfect Tivo moment - we rewound it a couple times to make sure it really happened.

On the writing front, things are moving slowly this week. I spent much of yesterday running errands that I tried and failed to finish on Sunday since the stores were closed, and then I had birthday details to tie up. Today I must (I must, I must!) catch up. I'm off to a great start since I chose to blog first. Hmph.


Yvonne said...

You're just getting the blogging out of the way that's all! Glad you had a good time celebrating your hubbie's birthday. Lol at the Janet Jackson moment!

JJ said...

Yes, that's my theory too. Blog first to warm up your fingers! Glad to hear you had a lovely Easter.

Kristen said...

Your Easter weekend sounds lovely. Especially the brunch in the sunshine part. :-)

Best of luck with the writing!

Angie said...

Yvonne, now if only I could get the writing out of the way so easily! ;)
The Janet Jackson moment was priceless.

JJ, it's a good theory, but I must figure out how to put it into practice properly so it works.
Nothing so exciting as a g(in)-string drink, I'm afraid! :)

Kristen, the brunch was nice, but I did omit the part about me getting grumpy because we left late and we discovered Hobee's doesn't have outdoor seating until April... ;)