Thursday, March 27, 2008

Giggles and Girly Time

A week ago Husband surprised me with a Thursday night date to go see In Bruges, which ended up being the funniest movie I've seen in ages. It's been awhile since I've laughed that hard. The humor was admittedly shocking in parts, but I loved the mix of dry humor with in-your-face absurdity. Artistically the film was beautiful as well, with stunning screen shots of the namesake city. I just thought I would mention it here because I highly recommend the film.

Tomorrow morning I leave on an early flight to Portland,where I will be spending the weekend with friends to celebrate my best friend's bachelorette party. Sure there will be drinks and all that jazz, but in our true style the highlights will include the many coffeeshop visits (especially if the rainy forecast holds), hours spent perusing Powell's, arguably the best bookstore in the US, and manicures followed by an afternoon of high tea. Bliss.

until next week!


Lane said...

Sounds like bliss. Have a great time:-)

Alix said...

What fun! Sounds like you have all the ingredients for a wonderful weekend.

JJ said...

As one still suffering from two nights ago, that sounds like the perfect celebration.

Hullaballoo said...

Aww, Angie, your husband is such a sweetheart.

I hope you had a joyful and bonding time at your bachelorette party.

Sounds much more civilised than the debauched hen nights we have in the UK. Cities like Newcastle are full of gangs of women in pink sparkly cowboy hats and Learner plates singing Abba songs and downing tequilla slammers.

What did you do for your bachelorette party?

Yvonne said...

Hope you had a great time in Portland! Am dying to see In Bruges, the Irish media are raving about it.

Kristen said...

I had SO much fun in Portland. It was truly bliss eating (gorging), drinking (tea!), being merry (there are sober people in Ethiopia!), and perusing the stacks at Powell's. But most of all it was wonderful seeing my dear best friend. :-) Love you and can't wait to see you back in California!

Angie said...

Lane, it was bliss!

Alix, the weekend was perfect (besides the hail/sleet, but that was funny).

JJ, oh dear, hope you've recovered! The celebration was perfect.

Hullaballoo, ah thanks, he is pretty sweet most of the time.
The girly bonding was lots of fun. I don't do that stuff often enough.
My own bachelorette was slightly more debauched because the friends who planned it enjoyed embarassing me. When I visited Edinburgh (years ago), we ran into at least five crazy, drunken hen parties. It was quite amusing.

Yvonne, Portland was great, besides the weather. ;) You should definitely see In Bruges if you have the chance, it was a hoot!

Kristen, yay, I'm glad you had fun too, though you did escape wearing your sparkly bride shirt since it was so cold. Hmm. Perhaps we can arrange that when you come home in a few weeks. Mwah ha ha!