Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools

...is probably one of my favorite holidays behind Christmas. One of my best friends from childhood is an April Fools baby (and one day older than me), so I always make a point to tease her with an April Fools joke, but this year she's not excited about her birthday, so I abstained from making any jokes. I managed to not play any jokes on my mom today as well, though I'm not sure why all the joke abstinence this year. I suppose my schedule has taken over and left no time for funny busyness. I did have a lovely haircut today and spent the afternoon working at the coffeeshop. I also managed to write on Friday and Monday while on the plane so I didn't get behind on my writing, though with my current word count, it does look like I will be going over that 90,000 mark since I'm still finishing this chapter and have two more to go. My excitement level rises every day as I feel myself drawing closer to the end.


JJ said...

Oh Angie, wonderful to hear of your mounting excitement. Well done.

I was had. I have 'GULLIBLE' tattooed on my forehead I think.

pierre l said...

Happy birthday Angie. I think April 1st has become somewhat less interesting. In the late Seventies, the Guardian newspaper had a small section about travelling to the twin islands of San Seriffe, that had travel agents busy all morning.
A quick search of their website found that things were still going years later, for example:
I hope the link works, it is a bit long.
I see you are reading Petite Anglaise. I hope you like it.

pierre l said...

Sorry, the link got truncated. It finishes with

Yvonne said...

Wow fair play for writing on the plane! It's great that you're going over 90,000, I've already cut loads of my novel so it's great if you can go a bit over. Best of luck!

Alix said...

Nearly there, congratulations! I always fall for the joke in the papers, totally bought the google one yesterday!

Kristen said...

First of all, since it is now April 2nd...


I hope you have a lovely day filled with sunshine, lattes, pizza, and gelato. :-)

And hoorah for your writing progress. I'm getting so excited for you! Keep it up!

Angie said...

Thanks JJ. I'm very suspicious on April Fools' Day, but no tricks were played.

Pierre, thank you. :) I enjoy a good April Fools' joke and I hadn't heard of that one before. I like the old one about spaghetti growing on trees. haha.
I am greatly enjoying Petite Anglaise, but I'm trying to savor it so I can relax and read on my upcoming trip! Have you read it yet?

Yvonne, I did push it a little on the landing...I was close to completing my word count, so I kept writing even as we were turning and I felt a bit nauseous after that!
I imagine I will cut quite a bit during editing, but if I know myself I will add even more in. ;)

Alix, darn, I missed the google joke!

Spanks, Kris! Pizza and lattes I can guarantee, but we're having a light spring rain, which is actually nice, and I gather husband has planned cake instead, which is okay with me too. Does it have sugar? Good!
Must really get my day's writing done...it's nearing dinner time! Gah.

pierre l said...

Hello again Angie. Petite Anglaise was the first blog I ever read (July 2006); I had been waiting for her book since it was announced; I devoured it the first weekend it was available (and loved it). The spaghetti harvest was indeed an excellent one...