Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh no you didn't!

Oh yes. Yes I did.

As you may recall, I had an itsy bitsy teeny weeny breakdown over cereal last week.

After another bout of shopping at the $100 store (aka Target), I left with three bags of goods, but no cereal. On my way home I stopped at an unfamiliar store for dog supplies that I couldn't find at Target. I figured I may as well check the cereal aisle for my peace of mind. At first glance I thought I was out of luck once more--but lo and behold!--there was the beautiful light blue box, slightly hidden, but staring back at me nonetheless, not to mention on sale at a bargain price of 4 for $10. I hesitated only a moment before scooping the last four boxes off the shelf. Box number four was regular Life, not Life Vanilla Yogurt Crunch, so after a quick peek (i.e., panicky digging) behind the other boxes for any stragglers, I strutted off to the checker to purchase four boxes of cereal--three solid gold. I felt slightly embarrassed purchasing four boxes of cereal and nothing else (they didn't carry the dog supplies), but I knew I would kick myself if I let an opportunity like that go.

Unfortunately I already bought a 'replacement' box of cereal at Target, so I came home with five boxes of cereal. Our cupboard only fits four, and there was one slot available. Ah well. The backups are stored safely in the laundry closet for now. And you better believe I'm going to hide them when our visitors come to stay in two weeks! I'm not sharing a prize like that with unappreciative guests. To them it might just be cereal, but to me, it's heaven in a bowl.


JJ said...

*Chuckling* I so understand this. It's the same here with my Australian brand of low GI meusli. I buy several boxes at a time as they'll be out next time I go there.

These things ARE important Angie, and I'm with you on this one!

Kristen said...

SCORE! Heaven in a bowl it is. ;-)

I'm addicted to Nature's Path Peanut Butter Granola. I searched everywhere for it upon returning to California and actually stumbled upon it at the Safeway near my parents' place. YESSS!!! (Read in Napoleon Dynamite voice.)

Lane said...

Your perseverance paid off!


Angie said...

JJ, glad you understand the pangs of cereal addiction! ;) These things are VERY important. How can a girl be expected to write all day if she doesn't start off with her favorite breakfast?

Kristen, I love that you took your peanut butter obsession to a new level. (And, um, can I try that stuff?) Nice score!

Lane, if only the same perseverance were required to polish my novel. ;)
I enjoyed my cereal this morning so much more than usual. *Sigh*