Wednesday, June 18, 2008

100 words

Lovely Helen set up a new blog with a challenge to the contributors: write 100 words each day. For a group of us who have been floundering, it's a great motivator, and 100 words is very doable.
Since I finished the first draft in April, my days have been filled with light grammar editing while I type Type TYPE. After I was a few chapters in, I also began the more intense substantive edit with Chapter One.
But I haven't created anything new. I'm using this challenge to write whatever I fancy each day, be it a short story, work on novel two, or writing new scenes for novel one. I need to keep my writing skills sharp and my confidence high (or at least keep it from being so low).
Off I go...wish me luck.


Sarah*G* said...

Good luck with the 100 words a day. I am giving it a go too as I need a good kick up the bacside to get me going. I also need a good kick up the backside to get me running again as I have committed to do the London Marathon. Again! More writing and less Facebooking needed I think!

Chad Aaron Sayban said...

Good luck. After finishing your novel first draft, you have earned some time to be less focused on one project and let your mind wonder around a bit. Have fun with it.

JJ said...

Angie, it's fab isn't it? I really hope it helps with your confidence as well as with writing a bit.

Angie said...

SarahG, thanks and you too. I'm excited about our group.
Another runner! I would *love* to do the London Marathon (in theory, of course, marathoning is a painful business!). I'm on a bit of a running slump too though. I started again a month ago, and it went well for a few weeks then fizzled. Hmph. Must start again!
Oh, you should say hi on facebook...I just started and I really really shouldn't have. ;)

Chad, ah thanks. (I need to remind the type-A perfectionist side of my personality to lay off a bit then!)
I'm enjoying it a lot right now.

JJ, it is so fab. I hope it helps too! Since I'm doing so much editing, I'm enjoying the release to write whatever I want. It's freeing after focusing on one story for two years. :)

Caroline said...

Good luck :)
It's SUCH a good idea!


Angie said...

Thanks, Caroline.
I know, Helen is so clever!