Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hiiii Ya!

"Everybody was kung-fu fighting...dink da da dink da dink dink dink...those bears were fast as lightning..."

I took Husband on a movie date night and let him choose any movie he wanted (with the tiny request that he not choose the Hulk movie). I knew what he'd choose, but I played along nonetheless. After I sent him the list of movies playing, he called excitedly and asked, "Do I really get to pick any movie?"

"Yes, of course," I said with a knowing smile. "What do you want to see?"


I knew it!

Husband's two great loves are cheesy action flicks and animated movies. (Oh, and can I add his third great love, macaroni and cheese, since he just berated me for not picking up another box of his favorite weekend lunch? Anywho...) The Simpsons occupy a special category all their own for him. You cannot imagine the childish glee when he finally heard "Spider Pig" in its entirety.

My favorite part of the movie? Hearing the aha ha ha of all the little kids in the theater harmonizing with my giggling husband. Oh, and the line at the end: "I figured it out...kuchikoo!"

He loved all the slow-motion shots and also appreciated Po's intense love of food since he shares it. Taunt him with some mac n' cheese and a bottle of Mt. Dew and he'd learn kung-fu in no time.


Lane said...

Well Spider Pig was a classic!:-)

Anonymous said...

That was a cute clip.

JJ said...

Ha, now I rather like the look of that film. Children are just about willing to go along just to keep their old Ma happy!

Kristen said...

I want to see that movie--especially now that it got the thumbs-up from Mr. Animated Movie Enthusiast himself. ;-)

KatW said...

I have to admit I was thinking of going to see that movie. It does look quite amusing. And of course I'd be going for the kids sake. Honest ;-)


Angie said...

Lane, it was such a classic. Sometimes we tweak it to "Spider Dog" for Drew, but that's another story... ;)

m&t, it was a very cute, funny movie.

JJ, your children SHOULD take you, it's sure to keep you happy and entertained.

Kristen, go see it! Mr AME says it's two thumbs up (and it's moved into the lucrative Top 3)! A warning: he may try to sneak along with you. :)

KatW, it was very amusing and the kids are sure to love it. A very noble reason to go, I say. ;)

Yvonne said...

That film looks so cute! Can't wait to see it now.

Angie said...

Yvonne, I highly recommend it. The movie was so fun.