Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The oh-so-glamorous writing life

I think ideas should visit during office hours and not at 2:00 in the morning, because sneaking to the bathroom with my notebook and pen and writing on the toilet is not exactly the glamorous writer's life I imagined.
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(Then again, the hoodie-and-jeans 'work suit' and the undone hair should have been my first clue...)
Somehow I don't think Husband imagined this career choice would involve his wife fumbling in the dark for her bedside notebook in the middle of the night, since he jumped out of bed thinking Drew was eating something plastic. Um, no, that would be me breaking my tiny bedside reading light in the midst of an epiphany. Oh dear.


Debs said...

LOL, I know the feeling. I've damaged many a shin (well the two I have several times) by leaping up in the dark with some brilliant idea (that by the morning has morphed into something completely pants).

KatW said...

I leap nowhere - just doesn't happen. But I do annoy hubbie when I noisily try to locate my pen in the dark whilst knocking off pile of books. Then try to use the light of my mobile to see what I'm doing. Then realise I also need a wee, tripping over spilt books, swearing and crashing my way to the toilet. By then I figure I might as well switch on the bedside lamp anyway. Good job he falls back to sleep so easy. Most of the time he doesn't even register me anymore!
Kat :-)

Chad Aaron Sayban said...

LOL, now that's funny...and it hits a little too close to home. ;-)

Yvonne said...

LOL! That's happened to me too, luckily The Ours would sleep through an earthquake so he's usually happily snoring away as I'm scribbling furiously.

Angie said...

Debs, Ouch! I'm always catching elbows on door jambs. Nine times out of ten my idea was crap, but occasionally I do have a gem, which makes it worth the hassle.

Kat, haha, sounds familiar too. Normally I dart to my desk where I have a handy little lamp, but I was so flustered with the broken reading light, it all went downhill.

Chad, ideas do have a way of hitting at the most inopportune times don't they? I guess it keeps us on our toes!

Yvonne, Husband sleeps through most noise, but he does listen for Drew, so when he thought he was eating plastic, he jumped right up. It was quite funny actually--watching him stumble around in a haze of confusion--if I didn't feel so guilty.