Thursday, September 18, 2008


Last night we enjoyed a proper farewell to summer.

We spent the evening picnicking on the grass at a local amphitheater, before being entertained by Augustana, a band I love, who opened for Maroon 5 (*swoon*) and Counting Crows.

The crisp evening signaled the coming season, but it wasn't too chilly to enjoy the open night air.

Amusingly, the moment the lights went down, puffs of smoke went up across the amphitheater. (And drunken dancing **COUGH-swaying** ensued.) Young techies--on the opposite end of the Bay Area spectrum--sat in front of us and entertained us with their 'social' interaction - they enjoyed the show together through the medium of videocameras and smartphone screens.

Augustana didn't play as many songs as I would have liked, but they played my favorite--Boston--and did it well. Maroon 5 performed perfectly live. I've lost respect for many bands who can't hash it out on stage, but they rocked. No wonder Adam Levine gets all the girls. Adam Duritz had a completely different stage presence, and as my friend commented, it almost felt like musical theater because he was so expressive and dramatic. They mostly sang songs from their new album--very angsty folk (or is it folksy angst?)--and Husband was bummed to miss the Shrek song, aka, Accidentally in Love.

All in all, a beautiful end to summer.


Debs said...

It certainly does sound like a perfect end to summer.

Mind you, I hadn't realized that summer had even begun.

JJ said...

What a lovely evening.

SpiralSkies said...

Oh, how jealous am I? The only maroon 5 I will listen to is a live set they did for Napster - even my teenage boys love it.

What an awesome way to herald Autumn.

Angie said...

Debs, it was a great ending.

This summer was a bit crap, wasn't it? I'm sure I can't complain in comparison, but we had an unusually cool summer here too.

JJ, it was perfect.

Spiral, they were fantastic live.

I suppose I'm a few days ahead of myself since autumn officially begins Monday, but I walked the dog to the coffeeshop for coffee and a pumpkin scone this morning. Yum. Love the fall flavors!

Lane said...

Sounds like a fab evening. There's nothing like seeing a good band in the open air:-)

Angie said...

Lane, it's one of my favorite things to do, though I don't get to very often, so it was a perfect evening.

Tam said...

O-ho, so many familiar names, I can't believe it's taken me so long to find my way here :-)

Anyway, hi! It sounds like you had a fab evening and made me sigh in longing for Marroon 5's haunting lyrics and gorgoeus melodies.

Your coffee machine looks very posh too.

Angie said...

Hi Tam, thanks for visiting! It is funny, I've seen you around the blogs, including 100-words, where I'm currently a lapsed member.

Maroon 5 was so delicious, and I'm just waiting for that coffee maker to arrive so I can enjoy some real coffee.

Will pop over to visit yours soon. :)