Tuesday, September 16, 2008


You served me well* for the past four years, waking me with hot** coffee each and every morning. Sadly, another year was not to be. You couldn't compete with the brutally hard water conditions.1

I will not mourn you as you move on to appliance heaven.2

**That's true
1That's why your replacement has a fancy decalcification indicator and a charcoal water filter.
2And it has nothing to do with the fact that I ordered a better spiffier model--
which includes brew-pause for a quick pour and a gold-tone filter--the moment you were cold on the counter.

The shiny new and improved model is whinging it's way here soon, but until then, it's gritty French press coffee or Starbucks. But for a model like this, I can wait:


Lane said...

Poor old coffee maker. He did his best in the hard water circumstances.

But hellooo 'spiffy' new model. What a babe!:-)

Zmunda said...

Oh my dear goodness. I love you Angie, I do but you are a nerd :) I would have you no other way as I am a nerd as well! Just not for coffee pots...

Angie said...

Lane, the new model is such a babe. It's the first time I've splurged for a 'good' coffeemaker.
I've learned my lesson on the hard water from now on though!

Zmunda, I'm a nerd? Pah. Well at least I won't be a sleepy nerd next week. ;)

Chad Aaron Sayban said...

Footnote #2 is hilarious!

Kristen said...

The newcomer looks like the model my dad has. Very nice! :-) Oh, and R.I.P. Old Coffee Maker, of course.

JJ said...

Oh Angie, please accept my comiserations for your loss. I have to say, I was rather worried to hear the diagnosis in your last post. Hard water is the work of the Devil. I feel sure your coffee maker has gone to a better place.

Angie said...

Chad, yay, I'm funny! ;)

Kristen, oh, I do like how your dad's serves the coffee near boiling, just how I like it!

JJ, hard water is evil! Thanks for your condolences, the coffeepot served me well, and has hopefully moved on to appliance-recycle-heaven.

Debs said...

It's hard saying goodbye to good friends, mind you it looks like his replacement is going to be rather fab.

Angie said...

Debs, I was sad to see my little buddy die, but the replacement looks fantastic!