Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shaping Up

This blog needs a good exercise plan. Perhaps Jillian Michaels could put it on the 30-Day Shred and give it a nice kick in the bum? It sits here, gathering dust, with only the occasional post, but no longer--it's time for a shape up!

The past year I've worked hard to get back into running shape. I struggled for a few years to get my thyroid under control, and during that time I couldn't maintain the energy to run, but now I'm energized and more grateful than ever that I'm able to hit the pavement. I run every other day, and I've worked up my mileage to train for a half marathon in June. It's been almost five years (!) since I ran the marathon, and it's about time I did another long race. However, when I manage to improve one part of my life, I seem to lag in another...

In my last post--way, way back, over a month ago--I mentioned my bout of homesickness. The truth is I started writing that post three weeks before I published it. I couldn't find the right words. Ironically, I finally managed to communicate my thoughts on the subject while home on a visit. I caved and went home for a week to spend time with my family; I also used it as a personal/writing retreat. I took a 'break' from running over the holidays, which extended a bit further than I meant it to, and I was finding the final novel revisions excruciating. The trip home worked: I managed to get in some refreshing runs by my lovely Deschutes River, and I spent time reading my manuscript and making progress on changes. (I also visited my favorite restaurants and coffeeshops, which may have counteracted the running, but it was well worth it!)

I'm still battling the revision demons, so by the time I start to write a post, all my energy is used up. I have ideas, but when I sit down at the laptop - POOF - all gone. Last week I received a wonderful award from the lovely JJ at Tea Stains, which made me feel particularly undeserving because it is The Prolific Blogger Award. I hung my head in shame for a moment at how unprolific my blog has become of late, but then I decided to buck up and get to work. I've been writing this blog for over four years--and I'm nearing the 400 post mark!--so it's only natural for my motivation to come and go. However, I can't let that stop me. When I write, run, and blog regularly, I feel in balance. My life has been out of balance for ages, and it's time I began a training plan, like I did with running. Baby steps for now, but expect to see me around more often. Besides, an Angie training plan can't be nearly as painful as the 30-Day Shred, right?


JJ Beattie said...

YAY! I love your blog and I'm looking forward to seeing you here more often.

This whole balance thing is interesting, isn't it? Finding the energy to commit to something you really want to do so often means, something else in life lapses.

The silences over at my place are because I'm trying to make room for other things in my life.

Good luck to you too.

Word verif today is musnot: mm, lovely.

Alexa said...

Yay! Looking forward to more posts from you.

Congratulations on the running. I am trying to build back up to 30 minutes of continual running!

Angie said...

JJ, thank you, that means a lot!
It is interesting, especially the point you make about finding time and energy to commit to something we WANT to do. Life, eh? :)
Oh, I'm intrigued. I hope things are going well and exciting happenings are afoot! xx

Alexa, thanks sweetie!
Good luck with the running. It's a difficult task, but very rewarding. Wish I could get in shape as easily as I did as a teen, though! :)

Kristen @ said...

Glad to read that I'll be able to enjoy more "Angie's Write" posts in the near future. :-) Looking forward to it!

Angie said...

Thanks, Kris. Already have a few planned... :)